Ground Team


Executive Director - Rosy Vasquez

Executive Assistant - Christina Prince

Nutrition Manager - Cindy Gliebe

Facilities Manager - Jim Murphy

Lead Case Manager - Jeremy Kovalcheck

Hope Chest Manager - Kelly Frasier

Community Liaison - Penni Wilson-Neely

Food Recovery Driver - David Stimers

Warehouse Assistant - Jose Orozco

Case Manager - Paulette Cryderman

Donations Assistant - Mary Foster


Board of Directors


Executive Board Members

Chair Person - Cindy Gliebe

Vice Chair - Paula Foster

Treasurer - Randy Minemann

Secretary - Nicky Riordan


Board Members

Corrie Daniels

Rachael Navarro

Jeff Pace

Sebastian Martinez

Sam Alzubaidi

Susan Davis

Rachel Navarro

Bella Rosa Martinez



Rosy Vasquez, Cindy Gliebe and Corrie Daniels